CGI 2013 Highlights

President Bill Clinton and his Vice President Al Gore were together for an interview for the first time in about ten years, talking about climate change. A snippet of the conversation they had with CBS interviewer Charlie Rose is posted on the CBS news website here. One would have hoped that the discussion of such an important topic by two such influential individuals would have merited more than a two-minute excerpt on CBS’s website. Sadly, one would be disappointed.

Day One highlights in tweets, pictures and video are posted here. McKinsey on Society’s (@McKinseySociety) tweet resonates:  “We have to use the right indicators to measure progress. Ex, school enrollment is not an indicator of learning. ~@UNICEF‘s G. Gupta “. But neither are standardized tests. How do we measure progress in learning? This is a problem we struggle with in the United States and around the world.

The CGI youtube channel has select videos here, and the annual meeting has been posting videos of the live stream of various sessions here. Those videos are still available for viewing even after the live stream is over.

There is a wealth of information being offered and it will take many hours to digest it all. Let us know if you view any of the videos and if you have any thoughts to share.


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