Is There a “4th Sector” Arising in Global Development?

We found this short interview coming out of the Clinton Global Initiative conference last week, between Raj Kumar, President and Editor-in-Chief of Devex and Gib Bulloch, Founder and Executive Director of Accenture Development Partnerships.

In the video, Mr. Bulloch notes the existing three sectors at work in development — public (governments and other publicly funded bodies), private (companies and corporations that are accountable to shareholders), and the “civil society” (NGOs, not-for-profits and charitable organizations) — and foresees the rise of a fourth sector at the intersection and interaction of all of these. He briefly describes his opinion that forces at work in the current economy are altering the conditions in which development is done. He says he believes that these forces will challenge the current roles, structures and actors in terms of delivering outcomes in global development. His position is expressed at length in Accenture’s recent report (which you can download, in pdf format, from their website here).

During the interview, Mr. Bulloch offers GrowAfrica as an example of this new synergy. A coalition of private organizations and governments across Africa, GrowAfrica provides information, investment and a community for the improvement of agriculture in Africa. Mr. Bulloch describes it as a kind of “Silicon Valley for agriculture” — a rich environment in which change and growth can occur.

Mr. Bulloch stresses that this 4th sector does not mean the demise of any of the other three sectors, just a shift in the way they do business and relate to one another.

Watch the video and check out the report, then let us know what you think!



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