Student Feature – Amy Schweikert

Amy SchweikertAmy Schweikert

PhD Civil Engineering, Civil Systems

EDC Certificate Completion: 2014

Undergraduate: Boston University, B.A. International Relations

What are your hobbies outside of academic life?

I love combining active, outdoorsy activities with good friends. This includes softball, rock climbing, hiking, camping, and ultimate frisbee, depending on the weather. In the winter, I tend to try out new recipes and new breweries. I also work with the InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF) group on campus and am involved with a local church – All Souls of Boulder.

How did you become interested in global development?

Questions of social justice, poverty, and development have always interested me. For awhile, I wanted to be a doctor (the medical kind) and join Doctors Without Borders. As I progressed in college, I realized that so many issues are systemic and need to be addressed at the policy, planning, and government/organizational level. My goal is to create a career that can thoughtfully and efficiently address many of the underlying systems that perpetuate poverty, inequality, and injustice. I also am passionate about educating people about their choices and how they contribute (positively or negatively) to many of the global issues facing our generation.

Why did you join the EDC program?

I loved the idea of combining a practical skill like engineering with compassion and context of the global community.

What has been the most valuable thing you’ve learned from the EDC program?

Meeting people and hearing the stories and experiences of other people who have worked in different countries and have passions for other areas of development.

Where did you complete your practicum?

South Africa. I worked with both the government in the capital and a local NGO in a rural area to understand better how funding for development initiatives is done, and how it translates into impacts on the ground.

What do you hope to do after completing your EDC certificate?

Something meaningful…. I am working with a company here in Boulder called Resilient Analytics that focuses on informing climate change impacts and adaptation policy in the US and abroad.

Amy Schweikert
Amy during her practicum in South Africa

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