Student Feature – Jess Scanlon

Jessica ScanlonJess Scanlon

BS/MS Architectural Engineering

Expected EDC Certificate Completion: May 2016

Undergraduate: University of Colorado Boulder

What are your hobbies outside of academic life?

Engineers Without Borders, campus symphony orchestra, rock climbing, hiking, snowboarding, camping, all the usual outdoorzy things.

How did you become interested in global development?

I receive Architecture for Humanities, Design Like You Give a Damn, and it changed my view on what was possible with architecture and engineering.

Why did you join the EDC program?

I did not want to just volunteer outside of my ‘9 to 5’ life. I wanted to make an impact full-time.

What has been the most valuable thing you’ve learned from the EDC program?

The poor throw parties, celebrate weddings, and have drinks with friends just like the rest of us. Money is all relative. The poor save the same proportion for community celebrations as my neighborhood, the total sum of money is just less.

Where did you complete your practicum?

Not sure where I want to work yet. Affordable housing, building energy, holistic urban planning, vernacular architecture (just because it works here, doesn’t mean it will work there).

What do you hope to do after completing your EDC certificate?

Not sure, I use to be 100% confident on my future, but now it is a little fuzzy.


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